A photo-graph recording how long the body stays still

A position from the choreographic piece Bretter (Reinhild Hoffmann, 1980) that explores movement tensions in the still body is re-staged as an endurance performance whose length is "measured" by the photographic camera. The performer seems still but internal movement, the tension graduating in her body, is slowly bringing an end to the stillness.
The camera measures duration of the performance through increasing lengths of exposure and number of frames. Its settings are therefore used for a different purpose and with a different logic than they are programmed for, yet the process still produces images.
While pulsing between the positive and negative these images are in a chronological order extracted from the index to form a photo-graph.

performer: Emi Sakaguchi

Pulsing, 2013, injekt print, 30 x 403 cm 

Installation The Street, London

Pulsing, 2013, injekt print, 30 x 403 cm